General Terms of Use "


1. the following terms of use supplement the general terms and conditions and the privacy policy according to the service between the provider Netstream AG and the user of this service (hereinafter "user").

In the event of any contradictions, the GTC and the Privacy Policy shall take precedence over the Terms of Use.


2. duties of customers

1. the user guarantees that all personal data provided by him/her are correct.

2. the access data are personal and may not be disclosed to third parties.

3. netstream AG has no control over the content. The user acknowledges that not all content is age appropriate. Recommendations by the broadcaster may exist, however, the user is ultimately responsible for the appropriateness of content viewed with others in the household, for the protection of his or her login credentials, and for the proper configuration of parental controls.

4. if the user obtains access to TV programs that may not be received at his location by providing incorrect information of any kind or by circumventing, deceiving or manipulating the filter systems, this constitutes a violation of copyrights and licensing rights as well as a civil and criminal offense. The user assumes sole and unlimited liability for any resulting claims by third parties as well as consequential costs of any kind and explicitly releases Netstream AG from any liability or responsibility for the improper use.


3. configuration and availability

1. in order to watch TV programs in the appropriate quality, they must have a multimedia-capable PC of the new generation.

2. regardless of the technical conditions on the Internet, we can not guarantee 100% availability of this service, although we make every effort to keep the service available at all times. Any warranty and liability in this context is - as far as legally permissible - fully excluded. Corresponding claims for compensation are excluded.

3. in order to guarantee constant bandwidth and movie quality on our network, the maximum number of connections to our video server is limited. It is therefore possible in exceptional cases that a livestream cannot be started immediately and the user is asked to try again later. This does not give rise to any claims for compensation on his part.

The user acknowledges that due to the technical conditions on the Internet, it is only possible to maintain a constant film quality if the necessary bandwidth from our network to the end device is guaranteed without interruption. Bottlenecks on the Internet are rare, but are ultimately beyond our control. Any warranty and liability in this context is - as far as legally permissible - fully excluded. A corresponding claim for compensation is therefore excluded.


4. intellectual property law

1. the user is informed that no content is guaranteed in its access or access duration and is subject to intellectual property rights. In addition, Netstream AG may suspend any content or functionality in the event of a change in applicable regulations in order to comply with them.

2. for information The origin of the user via WHOIS query of the IP address at the RIPE database takes place.

3. the offered livestreams are licensed by the respective copyright owner. Depending on the origin of the user, the offer may differ as Netstream AG owns different distribution rights internationally, nationally and regionally.

4. the permanent storage on data carriers as well as the further distribution or public presentation is not permitted and can be prosecuted.


5. remuneration and terms of payment

1. the credit card charge is made in the name of Netstream AG.

2) Orders placed or packages connected will be executed immediately and without delay. Deposits (except payment slip) are also processed immediately. Deposits via payment slip will be processed by the post office within 5-7 days and only then credited to the customer account. Charged amounts, as well as already purchased packages can not be refunded.

In order to minimize the risk of fraud, we reserve the right in individual cases not to immediately credit a purchased subscription to the account and to request further information for verification of the credit card. In case of suspicion, we have the option and expressly reserve the right to temporarily block an account for further clarification.


6. account blocking / deletion.

Inactive user accounts are deleted after one year, any credit expires after this time. User accounts without valid address information will be deleted without waiting time.